Sunday, 17 June 2012


A ccept YOu aS YoU aRe..
eLievEs iN yOu..
alls yOu jUsT tO sAys "Hi"..
oesN't gIvE uP oN yOu..
nVisIoNs tHe wHoLe of yOu..
orGivEs yOuR MisTakeS...
iVes unConditIonaLLy..
eLps yOu..
nViTes You..
uSt bE WiTh yOu..
eePs yOu CLoSe aT HeArt..
oVes You fOr wHo yOu aRe..
MakeS a DiffeRenCe In YoUr LiFe..
NeVer jUdgEs..

OffeRs sUppOrt..
PiCks yOu uP..
QuIts yOuR fEars..
RaiSeS yOUr sPIrIT..
SaYs NicE tHiNgS aBout yOu..
TeLLs yOu The tRutH..
UnDersTands You..
VaLues YoU..
WaLks bEsiDe yOu..
XpLaiNs tHingS yOu dONt uNdersTands..
YeLLs when yOu wOn'T LisTen.. 
ZaPs yOu baCk To ReaLiTy..

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